The power of Drupal,
with a modern frontend

Enjoy using Vue components with Nuxt and component-oriented Decoupled Drupal!

  • A complete, fully integrated solution - working out of the box!
  • Drupal powered editorial control of pages, layouts, paths, metatags, breadcrumbs and previews
  • Leverage Drupal authentication in the frontend. Edit buttons and Drupal messages just work!
  • Performance focused, integrates well with Drupal page caching!
  • Flexible frontend deployment options, static or server-rendered thanks to Nuxt
  • Extensible with both Nuxt and Drupal modules
$// Drupal module$composer config minimum-stability beta$composer require drupal/lupus_decoupled$$// Nuxt module$npm install nuxtjs-drupal-ce@beta
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Main features

Fully integrated

Have edit buttons in your frontend, simply working previews in the backend.

Composable pages

Allow editors to compose pages out of frontend components, e.g. via layout builder or paragraphs.

Easy deployment

Benefit from ready to-go dev & hosting templates (WIP)

The power of Drupal

Build versatile, structured content. Incredible tools, proudly open source!

Enjoy Vue.js

Write standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript with intuitive API.

Nuxt frontend

Harness the full power of Nuxt 3 and its modules ecosystem.